Horse riding

Cancellation principles

Dear Customers, respecting you and our time, we would like to inform you that horse riding
should be cancelled minimum
one day before the scheduled arrival.
Later cancellation of a scheduled ride will be treated as completed and automatically deleted from your pass
or as a ride you have to pay for.

The instructors' telephone numbers are available in the instructors tab

 horse riding prices 
 From 1st July 2020


Lunge riding
30 minutes

PLN 60.0

Horse riding in a group - 1h

PLN 60.0

A monthly pass
8 rides

PLN 440.0

A 3-month pass

10 rides

PLN 550.0

Guided horse rides 10 minutes

PLN 25.0

A 4-ride monthly pass

PLN 210.0

A 3-month pass
11 rides
(+ 1 free ride)

PLN 650.0

Individual horse riding - 1h

PLN 100.0

Horse trekking

About 2h

PLN 100.0

parties for children


HIPPOTHERAPY (30 minutes)

Development activities for children (30 minutes)

3h/ PLN 450/ max 15 children (each additional child - PLN 20, a parent participating in the party - PLN 10)

 PLN 65.0

PLN 65.0

Riders receive an attested helmet and, upon request, a protective vest (stiffening the spine).
 Each rider should be aware of the danger involved in contact
 with horses and horseback riding.   
All prices quoted on the Academic Horse Riding Centre website are gross prices. Invoices are issued upon customer's request.
A cash register receipt is the basis for complaints.